Great Teachers

This was one of Dad's (and the family's) prized possessions. This Time Magazine cover was given to Dad by some students who included Dad's picture as one of the country's great teachers. We're not exactly sure who the individuals are who gave Dad this precious gift, but if you're out there or know more about this story, we'd love to hear from you.

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Bill Hochman said...

Dear Catherine and Family,
I was so sorry to see the note about Denys in the newspaper. Of course, it brought back a flood of memories. Like Denys, I worked as an historian with the Continental Air Defense Command at Mitchell Air Force Base on Long Island. And I, too, came to Colorado Springs to be an historian with the Air Defense Command while I was finishing my dissertation at Columbia. Tom Sturm was then the director. I remember that Denys had a simple precept we all enjoyed when dealing with piles of documents: "when in doubt, throw it out."
Most important, I remember days with the University of Colorado extension, as it was then called. When John Platt lost his job at the Air Defense Command in the reduction in force that took place after Eisenhower's inauguration, I took over the course he was teaching with Denys for the University of Colorado. I then became the assistant administrator. Denys and I did every thing, in addition to teaching. I was teaching for the University when the job opened at Colorado College, which I was lucky to get.
Of course, I remember my associations with Denys when he was teaching Western Civilization for freshman at the College.
It all seems like yesterday to me. We all were good friends then-- John Platt, Milt Klein, George Billias, all from Columbia graduate school. Now, I can only extend my heartfelt sympathy to Catherine and the "children." I still have an image of Barbara sitting in a high chair, perhaps in Long Island. Who do you like best, Denys would ask. Puccini, she replied. My love and best wishes to you all.
Bill Hochman